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Acne Laser Skin Treatment


Although undergoing acne laser skin treatment has become an increasingly popular procedure for curing acne problems, it is still relatively new to the field of dermatology. Compared to most acne fighting products that are widely available today, laser treatments have shown much more rapid results, with minimal side effects like temporary mild swelling and redness on treated areas. An acne laser skin treatment like Fraxel is available through Dermatology HB and may be the best answer for your acne problem needs.

The Fraxel acne laser skin treatment is a procedure using fractional photothermolysis technology to not only treat blemishes, but also to stimulate your body’s production of new and healthier skin cells. Overall Fraxel improves the appearance of your skin while targeting the problem areas alone without disrupting any surrounding tissue. Dr. Greco of Dermatology HB is a pioneer in the use of this acne fight fighting technology available through the use of Fraxel and is an true expert in his field.

Many individuals suffer socially from embarrassing blemishes and every year they are targeted by a storm of ads about acne fighting products that flood the pages of most circulating magazines, radio commercials and every popular television channel available to most households. These products usually do not yield significant results for most individuals yet they are sold throughout the world everyday by promoting false hope to those with real acne problems.

Acne laser skin treatment speaks for itself and most patients that choose to undergo this type of acne treatment agree that although it requires a few weeks worth of sessions, it proves to have almost immediate signs of improving the appearance of treated areas just after their first visit!

When compared to antibiotic pills and topical applications, acne laser skin treatments have proven to yield better results without the typical side effects of antibiotic treatments. Antibiotics are meant to target the bacteria causing acne by infecting the pilosebaceous unit. Every hair follicle on your body is part of this unit and the reason that antibiotics do not yield successful results is because the bacteria that begin to grow in acne are only part of the problem. The build of up of excess shedding skin cells, as well as overproduction of sebum (the oil like substance that keeps your skin moisturize), play a significant roll in causing acne. To make matters worse, hormones may have acne-causing affects in the pilosebaceous unit as well, this is why teenagers are so prone to having acne problems.

Laser treatment targets the sebaceous glands and eliminates the overproduction of sebum. Bacteria causing acne use sebum to multiply and grow. Bacteria live on your skin no matter what precautions you take. Therefore trying to eliminate them with antibiotics to treat acne may result in regular side of effects that come from using antibiotics to help cure any of bacterial infections. Visit us today to begin your acne laser skin treatment and be on your way to a better looking you!

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