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Belotero Balance

belotero basic

Belotero® Basic is suggested for the correction of moderate wrinkles in the face.
It is able to additionally be utilized to augment lip curves along with skin curves.
Glabellar creases, Nasolabial creases, Lips, Mentolabial creases
Intended for moderate-to-deep creases as well as lip shaping.

belotero basic text

Particular places Belotero® Basic focuses on are:
Frown lines (also known as Glabellar lines)
Smile lines: These types of lines - also called nasolabial folds - go down from your border from the nasal area towards the sides on the mouth
Chin folds (Mentolabial folds)
Mouth-to-chin lines: The lines which proceed through the edges of the mouth into the chin and jawline. Typically the famous Marionette lines can give you a unhappy and fatigued appearance.
Lips and philtrum (that is the region between your nose and the top lip)
Belotero® Basic is injected slightly deeper in the skin compared to Belotero® Soft, for the healthy, long lasting youthful look and feel. It’s also easy to combine along with other aesthetic treatments intended for very individualized results.

belotero intense
The high lifting capability as well as elasticity of Belotero® Intense provides medical professionals a
versatile innovative product to result in the natural-looking, long lasting final results you as patients
are searching for.
Cheek area, Nasolabial folds, Lips, Marionette lines, Mentolabial creases
Intended for profound creases as well as lip & volume enhancement.

belotero intense text

Injected further in the skin to produce smooth curves as well as personal shaping, Belotero® Intense is suggested for:
Smile lines (These types of lines - also referred to as Nasolabial creases - go down from the side of the nose to your sides of the mouth)
Chin folds (Mentolabial folds)
Mouth-to-chin lines (The lines which proceed through the edges from the mouth to the chin and jaw line. The famous Marionette lines give you a unhappy and fatigued expression.)
Accentuation from the eyebrows
Volume augmentation intended for cheeks, chin, lips and bridge of the nose

belotero soft

Developed to deal with fine wrinkles, Belotero® Soft delivers natural-looking answers for:
Periorbital folds, Perioral folds
Intended for fine superficial folds
Periorbital folds or “crow’s feet” (also known as Periorbital lines)
Smoker’s wrinkles (So-called since they are created because the consequence of pointing the lips to be able to draw on the cigarette or even to kiss, for instance. Your physician calls these perioral lines)

belotero soft text
Belotero® Soft’s very low injection pressure will make the treatment method almost pain-free

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