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Fraxel Laser Skin Treatments in Huntington Beach


Fraxel laser skin treatments use pioneering fractional photothermolysis technology that is used by expert dermatologist to help individuals with a wide range of skin problems and deformities. Dr. Greco Inc. in Huntington Beach California are complete professionals when it comes to accurately diagnosing skin problems, therefore we cut no corners choosing the best and most innovative tools available for laser skin treatments.

For those with facial and non-facial problem areas, the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) have approved Fraxel Laser skin treatments to treat and cure skin lesions, periorbital rhytides and pigment discoloration through soft tissue coagulation and skin resurfacing. This technique allows your body to naturally create new and healthier skin tissue that results in tighter and healthier looking skin.

Skin lesions include any type of scarring ranging from scratches or cuts to burns and acne blemishes. Individuals commonly seek Fraxel laser skin treatments because of there embarrassing dark scars that have resulted from their teen acne problems. These problem areas may have psychological effects for individuals that include self-esteem issues; therefore a treatment like Fraxel is the best solution with immediate results. Fractional photothermolysis laser technology has been the most extensively studied not only for its underlying functionality, but its patients’ post treatment progress as well. It has proven to be an alternative to the traditional ablative CO2 laser systems that have left patients with unpredictable side effects and long periods of recovery time. Fraxel is subject for ongoing improvement and a leader in laser skin treatment innovation worldwide.

Periorbital rytides include wrinkles of varying length and size that occur in the areas around the eyes. Facial wrinkles begin to form in your early 20’s due to reoccurring muscle contractions from common facial gestures like smiling and laughing. Once in your 30’s these areas become more pronounce because your skin’s loss of elasticity as well as its slowing ability to produce collagen and elastin proteins. As you grow older, reaching your 40’s, 50’s and beyond, your skin loses its glow, begins to sag and appears to look thinner or discolored at times. Fraxel laser skin treatments target microscopic zones under the outermost layer of the skin, penetrating to precise depths and widths. The end result is little to no recovery time from possible discomfort after treatment sessions.

Pigment discoloration can range from uneven skin tones, like melasma, to more noticeable, and at times cancerous, age spots. These types of problem areas are do to excessive exposure to sunlight without the application of UV protecting products. Fraxel laser skin treatments help improve the look of these problem areas by allowing them to be less pronounced with every session. The number of necessary sessions varies from person to person, but on average it takes 4 treatments 2-4 weeks apart for satisfying results (although most patients see significant improvements after their first visit!). You can begin your skin’s transformation by visiting us at our dermatology clinic in Huntington Beach today!

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