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Fraxel Laser

There are so many treatments to choose from to reach your goal of younger–looking skin, the elimination of unsightly blemishes, or evening of skin tone. Traditionally, these treatments fall into two categories:

Thermage requires no anesthesia and the entire treatment takes less than an hour.

We can perform Thermage procedures on many areas, including:

1.Ablative – highly effective but severe treatments requiring invasive techniques and significant recovery time.
2.Non–ablative – much more gentle and requiring no recovery time, but multiple treatments are necessary to achieve the desired results.

But now, the FDA has approved Fraxel® Laser Treatments – which marks a comprehensive yet gentle alternative for lasting skin rejuvenation.

A Fraxel® Laser Treatment uses the body's own healing power and skin cell regrowth abilities to treat a variety of skin issues, including:
-Acne scarring
-Laugh lines
-Large pores

We urge you to consider this new, safe procedure for skin rejuvenation in your face, hands, chest and neck areas. Set up an appointment in our Huntington Beach office today!

Thermage Skin Tightening

The desire to turn back the clock on aging is nearly universal, but for many, opting for cosmetic surgery can seem a bit extreme. It's an invasive procedure with an extensive recovery or down time, which can cause embarrassment. But, even non-surgical procedures involving filler injections can leave swelling or bruising, and don't last long at all.

That's why Thermage has become our most popular facial rejuvenation procedure. Quick, easy, and non-invasive, Thermage heats the deepest layers of your skin while cooling the surface layers with ThermaCool. This unique treatment stimulates collagen production and tightens and smoothes the skin.

Thermage requires no anesthesia and the entire treatment takes less than an hour.

We can perform Thermage procedures on many areas, including:
-Abdominal area

New Comfort Pulse Technology... The New Pain Free Technology!

Come into our Huntington Beach office for a consultation today, and we can discuss if Thermage is the best option for your non-invasive skin rejuvenation plans.

Laser Hair Removal

For some, having an excess of body hair or hair in undesirable places, can damage our confidence and make life difficult and public appearances embarrassing.

There are many perfectly natural reasons why body and facial hair grows the way it does, where it does - but luckily, a visit to our spa can help eliminate this problem from your life - forever.

Depending on your skin type and health status, laser hair removal treatments can be extremely beneficial. The elimination of unwanted hair can take up to six sessions, with intervals of up to a few months between each session. We use state of the art laser technology during sessions, which last from a few minutes up to one hour.

Our Huntington Beach office offers laser hair removal for the following areas:

-Bikini area

Acne Laser Skin Treatment

Although undergoing acne laser skin treatment has become an increasingly popular procedure for curing acne problems, it is still relatively new to the field of dermatology. Compared to most acne fighting products that are widely available today, laser treatments have shown much more rapid results, with minimal side effects like temporary mild swelling and redness on treated areas. An acne laser skin treatment like Fraxel is available through Dermatology HB and may be the best answer for your acne problem needs.

The Fraxel acne laser skin treatment is a procedure using fractional photothermolysis technology to not only treat blemishes, but also to stimulate your body’s production of new and healthier skin cells. Overall Fraxel improves the appearance of your skin while targeting the problem areas alone without disrupting any surrounding tissue. Dr. Greco of Dermatology HB is a pioneer in the use of this acne fight fighting technology available through the use of Fraxel and is an true expert in his field.

Pigmentation Skin Treatment

Skin pigmentation defines the entire coloring of your skin. It’s the first thing people see and sometimes it can affect us in a substantial way. One can become self-conscience and embarrassed by skin pigmentation disorders. Though there are options for pigmentation skin treatment.

Pigmented skin can happen for a number of different reasons and mostly affect those with darker skin tones. A substance called melanin is created from skin cells and gives skin their color. Melanin also protects the skin against UV rays. Skin cells can become damaged or frail and this can very easily affect the amount of melanin that is typically produced. Your skin can become spotty and sometimes only effect small areas of the body, but can affect larger amounts as well. Certain things happening in your life can also affect melanin production such as pregnancy, sun exposure, or diseases such as Addison’s disease.
There are many causes that factor into wrinkles, these can include:

-Heredity, genes
-Skin type
-Hair (Does it hangs in your face?)
-Clothing (How much skin is exposed to the sun?)
-Your occupation (Do you work outside during the daytime?)

If you begin to notice discoloration of your skin the best thing to do is be aware of sun exposure. Make sure to wear appropriate attire when in the sun such as hats and sunglasses as well as apply appropriate amounts of sunscreen. Protecting yourself from the sun is the best preventative measure you can take. Occasionally skin pigmentation has nothing to do with the sun and some type of skin pigmentation treatment can be considered.

Pigmentation Skin Treatments can include:
-Bleaching creams – Favorable bleach creams contain arbutin, one of the best spot lightening and whitening creams. Other creams include kojic acid and hydroquinone, which work well for freckles.
-Microdermabrasion – This is a device that acts as a mini sandblaster on your skin that is most commonly used on the face. This technique helps remove dead skin cells and the outer layer of the skin. It works well to remove freckles and dark spots.
-Chemical Peel – Peels typically use glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, aging spots, and damaged skin which in turn allows the skin to regenerate and repair itself.
-Laser Removal – This procedure is typically used for the removal of freckles. It is quite effective as well as a safe procedure. This technique destroys the bad skin cells that are causing the pigmentation while leaving the healthy skin cells in tact.
-Cryosurgery – This is where extreme cold is applied to the affected area in order to remove bad skin cell tissue.
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – This type of procedure uses intense pulsed light to improve freckles, fine lines, uneven skin tones, and blemishes. -Electro-optical Synergy (elos) – A safe and completely effective procedure that uses various levels of energy to remove freckles, and discolored skin tones from uneven pigmentation.

As you can see there are many different types of procedures for skin pigmentation treatment. Some are more intrusive than others, but with new technology inventions every day skin pigmentation treatment the options become better and more advanced.

Scar Treatments

It is not hard to see why many individuals rush into trying to find scar treatments that may permanently be the solution for their physical deformities, after considering that most are deeply and psychologically affected by the humiliation they feel from their scarred appearance. Even if those surrounding these troubled individuals may not notice their scars or even if the scares are not exposed, they are truly embarrassed to the point that it affects their private, social and working lives. Scar treatments vary depending on the different types of scares, ranging from laser treatments, to chemical peels, to injections and even sanding down problem areas with fine particles!

Lets look at the benefits of individual scare treatments:

Laser scar treatment:
-This type of treatment in most cases involves the use of lasers or high energy lights that target damaged skin cells, heat or burn them in a sense, and eliminate them from the problem area. Your body then tends to produce new and healthier skin cells to take their place, significantly improving the appearance of the scarred area.
-Individuals tend to use this procedure to cure them of their atrophic type scars caused by acne.

Chemicals Peels:
-Scar treatments involving the application of chemical peels onto scarred areas are used for those with skin depressions, much like acne scars.
-Chemicals peels are applied to the scar where it essentially deteriorates the top layer of your skin. Ultimately stimulating your body to regenerate new skin cells, physically improving the once flawed area.

Filler injections:
-Filler injections involve the introduction of various fillers, using special needles, to areas under the skin were the scarred tissue is exposed
-Filler types may include lab produced human collagen, collagen from human tissue, as well as fat cells harvested from other areas of your body. There are many more and vary for procedures.

-Microdermabrasion is the process of removing skin cells from scarred areas of the body using an air pressured mechanism that forcefully blasts fine crystals, ultimately sanding off skin cells from the surface of your skin.
-This scar treatment removes skin cells which stimulates your body’s production of collagen and new skin cells resulting in healthier looking skin.
-There are different micro crystals available. Some types are: aluminum oxide, sodium bicarbonate and organic grains.
-A popular addition to microdermabrasion is having skin rejuvenating solutions infused into the skin by the same mechanism because the solutions are able to penetrate the skin better and have shown to yield greater results.

The scar treatments described above are used to improve areas of the body with general shallow scars, like acne scars for example, as well wrinkles and aging skin. More serious disfiguring scars may need surgical attention. Therefore individuals should go see a dermatologist to analyze their specific situation so that they may be more aware of the choices available for them.

Age Spot Treatment in Huntington Beach

Age spot treatments target those annoying pigment lesions that appear on your skin from years of unprotected sun exposure. In actuality, age spots are better known as “sun spots” because they are completely due to your skin’s overexposure to sunlight and the only relation to “aging” is the accumulating years that this has been occurring. There are a variety of age spot treatments available for people with these types of problem areas, and the experts at Dermatology HB in Huntington Beach California are here to provide you with the best option for you.

There are two types of sunrays that are damaging to us, and it may be a good idea to see which one leads to the age spot problem. UV-B rays are responsible for causing those that are fairly light skinned to turnout a toasty red after a long day at the pool or beach. Besides our body’s reddish discoloration, they have caused us mild to extreme discomfort from the skin burns they leave behind. Age spot treatments are intended to help eliminate the problem areas where UV-A rays have damaged the melanocytes in the epidermis (the outermost surface layer of our skin).

Melanocytes are responsible for the production of the melanin pigment that our body uses to protect us from the UV-A sunrays we are exposed to from day to day. Ultimately when these melanocytes are damaged through excessive and unprotected sunlight exposure, production of the melanin pigments becomes abnormal resulting it brown-like spots appearing on the face and body of effected individuals. This brown spotting may range from ephiledes, better known as freckles, to solar lentigos, like age spots. Different types of lasers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and creams used as age spot treatments are available near you, in our Huntington Beach offices, and are all proven to safely clear problem areas.

Even if you have never thought to get an age spot treatment because they don’t alter your physical appearance, don’t make the mistake of classifying any spots as benign. If the age spots that appear on your skin noticeably change in shape or color be sure to see a dermatologist because they may be a risk to your health and wellbeing. After a licensed dermatologist like Dr. Greco has identified them as being benign, they can proceed to determine what type of age spot treatment is appropriate to your situation, considering your budget and the extent of your skin problem.

On a lighter note, some great tips on keeping your skin spot free and avoiding the need for an age spot treatment begin with avoiding excessive sunlight when possible. Applying sunscreen throughout the day if you are exposed to long intervals of sunlight at a time is also a healthy precaution. Something else to consider, would be to apply a clear or tinted screen on your car’s windows that reflects UV-A sunrays. For more information set up a consult in our Huntington Beach office today!

Fraxel Laser Skin Treatments in Huntington Beach

Fraxel laser skin treatments use pioneering fractional photothermolysis technology that is used by expert dermatologist to help individuals with a wide range of skin problems and deformities. Dr. Greco Inc. in Huntington Beach California are complete professionals when it comes to accurately diagnosing skin problems, therefore we cut no corners choosing the best and most innovative tools available for laser skin treatments.

For those with facial and non-facial problem areas, the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) have approved Fraxel Laser skin treatments to treat and cure skin lesions, periorbital rhytides and pigment discoloration through soft tissue coagulation and skin resurfacing. This technique allows your body to naturally create new and healthier skin tissue that results in tighter and healthier looking skin.

Skin lesions include any type of scarring ranging from scratches or cuts to burns and acne blemishes. Individuals commonly seek Fraxel laser skin treatments because of there embarrassing dark scars that have resulted from their teen acne problems. These problem areas may have psychological effects for individuals that include self-esteem issues; therefore a treatment like Fraxel is the best solution with immediate results. Fractional photothermolysis laser technology has been the most extensively studied not only for its underlying functionality, but its patients’ post treatment progress as well. It has proven to be an alternative to the traditional ablative CO2 laser systems that have left patients with unpredictable side effects and long periods of recovery time. Fraxel is subject for ongoing improvement and a leader in laser skin treatment innovation worldwide.

Periorbital rytides include wrinkles of varying length and size that occur in the areas around the eyes. Facial wrinkles begin to form in your early 20’s due to reoccurring muscle contractions from common facial gestures like smiling and laughing. Once in your 30’s these areas become more pronounce because your skin’s loss of elasticity as well as its slowing ability to produce collagen and elastin proteins. As you grow older, reaching your 40’s, 50’s and beyond, your skin loses its glow, begins to sag and appears to look thinner or discolored at times. Fraxel laser skin treatments target microscopic zones under the outermost layer of the skin, penetrating to precise depths and widths. The end result is little to no recovery time from possible discomfort after treatment sessions.

Pigment discoloration can range from uneven skin tones, like melasma, to more noticeable, and at times cancerous, age spots. These types of problem areas are do to excessive exposure to sunlight without the application of UV protecting products. Fraxel laser skin treatments help improve the look of these problem areas by allowing them to be less pronounced with every session. The number of necessary sessions varies from person to person, but on average it takes 4 treatments 2-4 weeks apart for satisfying results (although most patients see significant improvements after their first visit!). You can begin your skin’s transformation by visiting us at our dermatology clinic in Huntington Beach today!

Acne Scar Treatment

There are many different ways to combat acne scarring with acne scar treatment. Acne is common among teenagers and is considered an expected part of puberty, but can become a nuisance in adulthood as well. Some adults never experienced acne as a teen, but have been known to get it later in life instead. Everyone is different and there is no proper way to plan for it.

There are a few things that you can do in your everyday life that will help lessen the effects of acne. Here is a list of things that will undoubtedly help:

Drinking Lots of Water
Drinking lots of water helps your body remove unneeded toxins. The water flushes them from your system. Drinking plenty of water also hydrates your skin lessening to look of wrinkles.

Washing your Face Daily
Washing your face twice a day will help you get rid of dirt that can seep into your skin. Washing your face once in the morning with a light soap or face wash is good and then using something a bit heavier at night to get rid of all the dirt from throughout the day. A toner works great as well, but make sure you moisturize after every face wash. If you dry out your skin it may produce more oil than necessary. So by adding a moisturizer it evens out your skin. Men should shave regularly as well. Shaving helps exfoliate some of your skin riding it of dead skin cells and repairing your skin.

Exercising Regularly
When you exercise regularly you help reduce the stressors in your body and combat depression and other negative effects. Make sure to wear clothes that are breathable, you do not want to trap any body moisture near your body. This may cause breakouts elsewhere on your body.

Think Twice About your Cosmetics
When you wear makeup or place anything else on your skin you want to be sure that it is not contributing to the problem. It is good to do some research and look for items that are oil-free, noncomedogenic, hyper-allergenic, and are all natural. Not paying attention to what you are putting on your skin may be causing much of the harm. Also, trying to wear as little make up may help as well. Try weaning yourself of heavy concealers, it may take a week or two for your skin to adjust, but it might just be what your body needed.

Eating a Healthy Diet
A diet high in refined sugar can lead to a messy breakout. Limiting the amount of sugars you put in your body may help. Also, taking your vitamins everyday will help your skin too.

Good vitamins to ingest include:
-Vitamin A
-Vitamin B
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin E

Limit your Stress
We know that stress can have a large effect on your body. Limiting or combating those stressors is a good way to keep your body healthy. Stressors can include external ones such as items you place on your skin including make up, sunscreen and even touching your face. Internal stressors can include emotional distress such as anxiety and depression. Try to take time to yourself and do things that you enjoy that help you relax once in a while.

Acne Products
Lastly, acne products can help reduce or prevent acne. There are a variety of acne scar treatments that include oral pills, creams, and laser treatments that are specific just for your skin. Some of these are available over the counter and some you must get a prescription from a doctor.

Any route you decide to go may take you some time in finding the right solution for you. Acne scar treatments can work for someone while not working for you. Give it some time when you switch over to a new regimen. Whether you try an acne scar treatment or you decide to work with natural remedies keeping consistent is the key to better and fresher skin.

Sun Damage Treatments Huntington Beach

Most individuals seeking sun damage treatments have not wisely protected their skin from excessive sun exposure over many accumulating years. It is sometimes hard to avoid too much sun exposure, especially for those living in the Huntington Beach, or in Southern California in general, when a beautiful sunny day attracts you to the beach. Radiating skin from tanning is a short term benefit that, when looked at more carefully, may have long term negative results on your skins appearance and force you to ultimately consider some of our sun damage treatments.

Tanning results from exposure to the sun's ultra violate rays, which usually only calls for cosmetic concerns that can be addressed through various available sun damage treatments. But in some cases these concerns can evolve to more dangerous circumstances like different types of skin cancer. The cosmetic concerns that are most common include:

-Age spots, also known as liver spots or sun spots, are solar lentigines (brown or dark spots on the skin) that commonly appear on the most exposed areas of the body like the face, hands, arms and upper back; occasionally they appear on the lower lip as a labial lenitgo. They are more associated with older individuals, but may well appear on younger people who are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. They are frequently confused with freckles, but freckles are a lighter in color, smaller in diameter, are usually noticeable when one is at a young age and occasionally become lighter during winter days. Popular sun damage treatments include microdermabrasion and laser removal.
-Solar elastosis includes creases that appear in a vertical manner, deep wrinkles and loose and saggy skin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that promote healthy connective tissue in the deep dermis layer of the skin. UV rays break these tissues down which result in your skin's lose of strength and flexibility. Healthy connective tissues in your skin are needed in order to maintain vibrant and ageless skin. Sun damage treatments are intended to allow your body to naturally produce collagen, which in turn helps revive healthy connective tissues and in the end give you a more youthful, healthy look.
-Poikiloderma is a reddish brown pigmentation that results from chronic sun exposure. It is most commonly found associated with middle age and elderly woman who tend to use sun sensitive cosmetics (certain perfumes and makeup for example).
-Actinic keratosis, or solar keratosis, is a skin disorder described as raised patches of rough pink or brown skin that generally appears scaly. This type of skin damage most often affects fair skinned individuals on their arms, hands, face and ears. These patches at times may unfortunately progress into a specific type of skin cancer known as squamous-cell carninoma.

Sun damage treatments are commonly undergone by persons that live in areas like Huntington Beach, as well as other populated areas where outdoor activities result in excessive sun exposure, because they tend to forget to apply sun protective creams and sprays. But even with products that shield us from UV rays, skin is damaged after the accumulation of several years. Luckily expert dermatologists, like ours, have various sun damage treatments available at their exposure to help improve the look of damaged skin.

Skin Cancer Treatment in Huntington Beach

Skin cancer treatments are most successfully performed when skin cancer has been detected on a patient at an early stage. These include nonmelanoma skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma as well as actinic keratosis (a non cancerous precondition of squamous cell carcinoma).

Nonmelanoma skin cancer treatments involve minor to major surgical procedures like Mons microscopic surgery, simple and shave excision, electrodesiccation, cryosurgery, laser surgery and dermabrasion. More serious circumstances like, being diagnosed with a melanoma skin cancer, result in intense skin cancer treatments including radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Skin cancer risk factors, these include any reasons that one would develop skin cancer, are unfortunately unavoidable for a lot of individuals. Factors include long periods of sunlight exposure and having fair complexions, like light colored skin, light colored eyes and red or blond hair, which in turn are due to hereditary aspects. For these reasons, it is clear to see why more than fifty percent of the all cancer cases in the United States involve skin cancer. Although this type of cancer is frequent in our society, the percentage only represents the number of recorded cases and does not include the Americans that possibly have skin cancer and are not aware. In the end, they do not seek out the benefits of a skin cancer treatment because they will not know until the come across a screening or visible sign.

Actinic keratosis is not type of skin cancer, but if it is allowed to develop it certainly may evolve into squamous cell carcinoma, a nonmelanoma skin cancer. This is why there are some skin cancer treatments aimed at treating actinic keratosis that may be beneficial. The professionals at Dermatology HB in Huntington Beach California are able to perform some of these procedures including: dermabrasion and laser surgery. The dermabrasion procedure involves the removal of skin cells by blasting fine particles over the problem area, allowing for new skin cells to be naturally produced by your body. Laser surgery is aimed at removing the problematic tissue without damaging the healthy tissue around it, stimulating the production of new skin cells in the targeted areas.

Like most skin cancers, actinic keratosis results in a noticeable skin abnormality. Rough, red or brown, raised and scaly patches appear on the surfaces of areas on the body that are normally exposed to large time intervals of sunlight, like the face, neck, hands and arms. Sunlight is made up of UV radiation rays, which are used in tanning beds as well. Your body's natural reaction to a sun burn or tan is to produce more melanin, a pigment that gives most individuals the light brown tone everyone seeks from bathing in the sun. This reaction is not healthy for your skin. It is your body's way of healing itself from UV damage. This exposure to sunlight radiation may very well result with you searching for a skin cancer treatment after a few accumulating years.

If you suspect any skin damage that might be cancerous, do not wait for more symptoms to arise, seek professional help. The experts here in Dermatology HB located in Huntington Beach are here to serve you with skin cancer treatment

Skin Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles are a way of life and there is no way around it. The good news is that there are many preventative measures to avoid wrinkles sooner than is necessary. There are also many types of skin wrinkle treatments that aid in the reduction of wrinkles as well. First let's go over what actually causes wrinkles.

There are many causes that factor into wrinkles, these can include:

-Heredity, genes
-Skin type
-Hair (Does it hangs in your face?)
-Clothing (How much skin is exposed to the sun?)
-Your occupation (Do you work outside during the daytime?)

Many of the causes are out of your control, but by limiting the ones you are in control of will greatly increase your chances in diverting these effects. The biggest one is to limit sun exposure and secondly do not smoke. If you have no choice but to be in the sun all day make sure you wear appropriate clothing such as a hat and sunglasses. UV-B rays can still penetrate thin clothing so keep that in mind when preparing for your day as well. Sunscreen is also a great way to keep your skin safe and divert those wrinkles.
SPF stands for sun protection factor. You will want to choose a sunscreen with a high enough SPF rating. Make sure you check labels because some higher SPF sunscreens do not last as long as the lower SPF lotions meaning you'll need to reapply more often. Treating wrinkles after they happen requires other types of treatment. There are several degrees of treatments for wrinkles that can include topical to medical.
Topical creams are the easiest solution and the most common. They are typically sold over the counter at local drugstores. You may also get a prescription from your doctor for a stronger cream such as one that includes retinol.

Topical procedures can include:
-Vitamin A Acid is the most effective way of ridding the signs of aging. This includes Tretinoin, Retin-A, and Renova. These types of creams only work if they are used in an ongoing basis. In the beginning these creams can produce redness and some peeling, but after the treatment is completed your skin can look much better.
-Alpha-hydroxy Acid is another treatment that produces a much milder outcome. It is completely safe and not as abrasive as Vitamin A Acid.
-Antioxidants and moisturizers contain vitamins that offer some sun protection and small improvements in wrinkles. They mostly reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Cosmetic Procedures include:
-Glycolic Acid Peels
-Deep Peels (salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid)
-Laser treatments
-Plastic surgery (facelifts, brow lifts)
-Botox (injection of botulinum in the affected area)

Weather you are young or old you have probably experienced some type of wrinkles in your age. Simple skin wrinkles treatments can help you with this, but the real fight against wrinkles starts when you are young. If you take care of your body now, you will have healthy skin later on in life.

Laser treatmentsPRICE LIST

  • Thermage Skin Tightening & Body Contouring $ 1500+
  • Ulthera FDA Approved Lifting & Tightening $ 3 line
  • Intense Pulse Light for Spots $ 295+
  • CO2 Skin Resurfacing $ 649+
  • Hair Removal range $ 40 - $ 1500
  • Electric Needle (skin tags) $ 150
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