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If you've been searching for a safe, effective and long lasting cosmetic enhancement, Dr. Donald Greco Inc. is pleased to offer Radiesse, for treatment of wrinkles and facial contouring.

Longer lasting and more effective than BOTOX or Juvederm, Radiesse is easily applied through a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in less time than a lunch break.

Radiesse is an entirely safe biocompatible substance that utilizes your body's natural abilities to add volume and shape to your face, defying wrinkles and producing collagen at the injection site. Plus Radiesse continues to keep working long after the initial treatment.

At Dr. Donald Greco Inc. , we use Radiesse to help you with a wide range of wrinkle correction and facial cosmetic enhancements which include:

Nasal Defect Correction and Bridge Augmentation- Using Radiesse, we can develop and reshape the bridge of your nose or straighten your nasal profile. Unlike surgery, with Radiesse nasal defects can be corrected quickly and non-invasively with immediate results.
Cheekbone Contouring- Radiesse can help you to restore lost fat from cheekbones and give back the cheeks you lost. Your cheeks will once again have their youthful sheen and luster. And with Radiesse they'll stay that way.

Chin and Jawline Contouring- Radiesse can be used to augment your current chin and jaw line. The result is a stronger and more elegantly incorporated chin that blends in perfectly to give you a more youthful appearance.

Radiesse has no side effects, is completely safe and produces a lasting effect on your features that far exceeds that of BOTOX. So if you're tired of returning to the clinic time and again for touch ups, try Radiesse.

To find out more about Radiesse or to schedule an appointment in our Huntington Beach office, call Dr. Donald Greco Inc. today!

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