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Scar Treatments

It is not hard to see why many individuals rush into trying to find scar treatments that may permanently be the solution for their physical deformities, after considering that most are deeply and psychologically affected by the humiliation they feel from their scarred appearance. Even if those surrounding these troubled individuals may not notice their scars or even if the scares are not exposed, they are truly embarrassed to the point that it affects their private, social and working lives. Scar treatments vary depending on the different types of scares, ranging from laser treatments, to chemical peels, to injections and even sanding down problem areas with fine particles!

Lets look at the benefits of individual scare treatments:

  • Laser scar treatment
    • This type of treatment in most cases involves the use of lasers or high energy lights that target damaged skin cells, heat or burn them in a sense, and eliminate them from the problem area. Your body then tends to produce new and healthier skin cells to take their place, significantly improving the appearance of the scarred area.
    • Individuals tend to use this procedure to cure them of their atrophic type scars caused by acne.
  • Chemicals Peels
    • Scar treatments involving the application of chemical peels onto scarred areas are used for those with skin depressions, much like acne scars.
    • Chemicals peels are applied to the scar where it essentially deteriorates the top layer of your skin. Ultimately stimulating your body to regenerate new skin cells, physically improving the once flawed area.
  • Filler injections
    • Filler injections involve the introduction of various fillers, using special needles, to areas under the skin were the scarred tissue is exposed
    • Filler types may include lab produced human collagen, collagen from human tissue, as well as fat cells harvested from other areas of your body. There are many more and vary for procedures.
  • Microdermabrasion
    • Microdermabrasion is the process of removing skin cells from scarred areas of the body using an air pressured mechanism that forcefully blasts fine crystals, ultimately sanding off skin cells from the surface of your skin.
    • This scar treatment removes skin cells which stimulates your body’s production of collagen and new skin cells resulting in healthier looking skin.
    • There are different micro crystals available. Some types are: aluminum oxide, sodium bicarbonate and organic grains.
    • A popular addition to microdermabrasion is having skin rejuvenating solutions infused into the skin by the same mechanism because the solutions are able to penetrate the skin better and have shown to yield greater results.

 The scar treatments described above are used to improve areas of the body with general shallow scars, like acne scars for example, as well wrinkles and aging skin. More serious disfiguring scars may need surgical attention. Therefore individuals should go see a dermatologist to analyze their specific situation so that they may be more aware of the choices available for them.

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