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Skin Cancer Treatment in Huntington Beach


Skin cancer treatments are most successfully performed when skin cancer has been detected on a patient at an early stage. These include nonmelanoma skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma as well as actinic keratosis (a non cancerous precondition of squamous cell carcinoma).

Nonmelanoma skin cancer treatments involve minor to major surgical procedures like Mons microscopic surgery, simple and shave excision, electrodesiccation, cryosurgery, laser surgery and dermabrasion. More serious circumstances like, being diagnosed with a melanoma skin cancer, result in intense skin cancer treatments including radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Skin cancer risk factors, these include any reasons that one would develop skin cancer, are unfortunately unavoidable for a lot of individuals. Factors include long periods of sunlight exposure and having fair complexions, like light colored skin, light colored eyes and red or blond hair, which in turn are due to hereditary aspects. For these reasons, it is clear to see why more than fifty percent of the all cancer cases in the United States involve skin cancer. Although this type of cancer is frequent in our society, the percentage only represents the number of recorded cases and does not include the Americans that possibly have skin cancer and are not aware. In the end, they do not seek out the benefits of a skin cancer treatment because they will not know until the come across a screening or visible sign.

Actinic keratosis is not type of skin cancer, but if it is allowed to develop it certainly may evolve into squamous cell carcinoma, a nonmelanoma skin cancer. This is why there are some skin cancer treatments aimed at treating actinic keratosis that may be beneficial. The professionals at Dermatology HB in Huntington Beach California are able to perform some of these procedures including: dermabrasion and laser surgery. The dermabrasion procedure involves the removal of skin cells by blasting fine particles over the problem area, allowing for new skin cells to be naturally produced by your body. Laser surgery is aimed at removing the problematic tissue without damaging the healthy tissue around it, stimulating the production of new skin cells in the targeted areas.

Like most skin cancers, actinic keratosis results in a noticeable skin abnormality. Rough, red or brown, raised and scaly patches appear on the surfaces of areas on the body that are normally exposed to large time intervals of sunlight, like the face, neck, hands and arms. Sunlight is made up of UV radiation rays, which are used in tanning beds as well. Your body's natural reaction to a sun burn or tan is to produce more melanin, a pigment that gives most individuals the light brown tone everyone seeks from bathing in the sun. This reaction is not healthy for your skin. It is your body's way of healing itself from UV damage. This exposure to sunlight radiation may very well result with you searching for a skin cancer treatment after a few accumulating years.

If you suspect any skin damage that might be cancerous, do not wait for more symptoms to arise, seek professional help. The experts here in Dermatology HB located in Huntington Beach are here to serve you with skin cancer treatment evaluations.

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