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Sun Damage Treatments Huntington Beach

Most individuals seeking sun damage treatments have not wisely protected their skin from excessive sun exposure over many accumulating years. It is sometimes hard to avoid too much sun exposure, especially for those living in the Huntington Beach, or in Southern California in general, when a beautiful sunny day attracts you to the beach. Radiating skin from tanning is a short term benefit that, when looked at more carefully, may have long term negative results on your skins appearance and force you to ultimately consider some of our sun damage treatments.

Tanning results from exposure to the sun's ultra violate rays, which usually only calls for cosmetic concerns that can be addressed through various available sun damage treatments. But in some cases these concerns can evolve to more dangerous circumstances like different types of skin cancer. The cosmetic concerns that are most common include:

  • Age spots, also known as liver spots or sun spots, are solar lentigines (brown or dark spots on the skin) that commonly appear on the most exposed areas of the body like the face, hands, arms and upper back; occasionally they appear on the lower lip as a labial lenitgo. They are more associated with older individuals, but may well appear on younger people who are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. They are frequently confused with freckles, but freckles are a lighter in color, smaller in diameter, are usually noticeable when one is at a young age and occasionally become lighter during winter days. Popular sun damage treatments include microdermabrasion and laser removal.
  • Solar elastosis includes creases that appear in a vertical manner, deep wrinkles and loose and saggy skin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that promote healthy connective tissue in the deep dermis layer of the skin. UV rays break these tissues down which result in your skin's lose of strength and flexibility. Healthy connective tissues in your skin are needed in order to maintain vibrant and ageless skin. Sun damage treatments are intended to allow your body to naturally produce collagen, which in turn helps revive healthy connective tissues and in the end give you a more youthful, healthy look.
  • Poikiloderma is a reddish brown pigmentation that results from chronic sun exposure. It is most commonly found associated with middle age and elderly woman who tend to use sun sensitive cosmetics (certain perfumes and makeup for example).
  • Actinic keratosis, or solar keratosis, is a skin disorder described as raised patches of rough pink or brown skin that generally appears scaly. This type of skin damage most often affects fair skinned individuals on their arms, hands, face and ears. These patches at times may unfortunately progress into a specific type of skin cancer known as squamous-cell carninoma.


Sun damage treatments are commonly undergone by persons that live in areas like Huntington Beach, as well as other populated areas where outdoor activities result in excessive sun exposure, because they tend to forget to apply sun protective creams and sprays. But even with products that shield us from UV rays, skin is damaged after the accumulation of several years. Luckily expert dermatologists, like ours, have various sun damage treatments available at their exposure to help improve the look of damaged skin.

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